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Nokia 2.0

Nokia Returns


Most of us had a NOKIA Mobile once in our life. NOKIA was the most trusted Mobile company across the world Mostly known for its unique design and can we forget the n-gage.  Journey of NOKIA is like a movie,with lots of drama,some ups and downs.

Nokia’s mobile phones were incredibly successful in Europe, Africa, & Asia. Nokia were also one of the pioneers of mobile gaming, due to the popularity of snake, which was pre-loaded on many products. The 3310 is one of the company’s most well-known products, and is noted today for its toughness. Nokia created the best-selling mobile phone of all time, the Nokia 1100 in 2003.

NOKIA was mostly famous for its Symbian platform. But, by that time competition heated up, and the Symbian platform that Nokia were using was quickly becoming outdated and difficult for developers after the advent of iPhone OS and Android

To counter this, Nokia had started to develop a successor, MeeGo, in 2010. However, in February 2011 scrapped MeeGo and announce what at the moment was called a partnership with Microsoft to use Windows Phone as its primary operating system, and relegate Symbian to a lower position.

Android become very popular OS and suddenly NOKIA become just a spectator. The company who has 80% share in mobile market is almost finish.and that can be called as rise of SAMSUNG.

In 2016 NOKIA announced its comeback and everyone just got excited because the most reliable brand is returning. As today’s mobile market is mainly captured by Chinese Manufacturer and SAMSUNG, NOKIA has to be very careful .but the good thing is that  people’s trust will be the big advantage for company.

All the Best NOKIA.

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