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Mobile ID: Badging of the Future

Mobile ID: Badging of the Future
Mobile ID

Identification badges are becoming more common. From corporate offices and medical hospitals to educational institutions and government buildings, ID badges have rapidly grown to be a necessary norm. It’s not hard to guess why – with ID badge technology, we can feel safer, more secure, more efficient and more protected. But every rose has its thorns, and when it comes to ID badges, the thorns can be very inconvenient. Luckily, recent advances in identification technology have created a solution that is simpler than traditional ID badging – and it’s even cheaper, too. Welcome to ID badging of the future: mobile identification.

Mobile identification is the ID badge of the future. It’s safe, convenient, cost-effective and paper-free. Rather than having to keep your ID card on you at all times, mobile identity management is on your Smartphone (and who ever forgets their Smartphone?), making it an excellent backup to or complete replacement for traditional identification badges. Some of the benefits of mobile badging are outlined below. Read on to see if electronic IDs might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

You’ll never forget your badge again

Phone, keys, wallet, coat, coffee, lunch … what am I forgetting? We have all had a time when we left our location and forgot our precious ID card. With mobile identification, that’s not a problem. The Veonics vID viewer app, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to instantly pull up a mobile version of your ID. You’ll even be able to scan its barcode, just like the real card. Never be late or locked out again!

Forget about theft

Losing your badge or having it stolen can have some serious implications. If your badge falls into the wrong hands, not only will the security of your workplace be compromised, but your identity could even be stolen. With mobile identification management, you can instantly mark your badge as active, inactive, lost or stolen at any time. You have the power over your badge.

No more wait time

Badges can take up to a few weeks to print and ship to your facility. With virtual IDs, you’ll have your ID badge instantaneously, great to use while you wait for your badge to come in or as your sole form of identification.

One less step

The Veonics Mobile Track™ system will soon have the ability to track a number of different “in and out” transactions in your workplace. With this system, your mobile ID will automatically clock employees in and out, track attendance to meetings and events, and more.

Freedom of design

With mobile identification, you can take full license over the look and design of your ID badges. Customize your badge’s photos, font, compound placement and more to fit your unique company’s vision.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
With a mobile identification system, you can completely eliminate use of traditional badging and start a paper-free electronic ID system. Not only is this an environmentally friendly choice, but using mobile identification will save your company printing, processing and shipping costs. Virtual ID technology is advanced, but it’s cheaper than ever.

Mobile identification is already growing rapidly, and the points above make it easy to see why. You should never settle for anything other than the best – especially when the best can save you some money! With virtual ID badging, your company can be more efficient and more secure while giving you fewer bills to pay. To get started with your mobile identification system today, try a full-service badging company such as eXpress badging and see just how easy improving your security can be.

Dennis Rukosuev is an entrepreneur and business consultant from Austin, TX who is helping startups and established companies scale up their businesses and meet the demands of strategic growth and change.

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