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5 web design tactics for winning audience trust and securing customer loyalty

In the sphere of web design, first impressions count, and your audience will judge a book by its cover. Clichés aside, as the first place your audience will turn to garner information about your business and how your services can positively enhance their lives, your website must be designed to ensure you efficiently win their trust.

  1. Considered, effective website design

It may seem obvious, but poor website design is a surefire way to turn away the very people you want to engage. An intuitive design that successfully showcases content with an easy to use navigation system is essential to encourage your audience to continue browsing your website and boost your conversion rate. Working closely with a multi-skilled design agency, such as Blue Flamingo, who are specialists in web design in Richmond, can help you to identify precisely how your audience wants to interact with your website and ensure you are focusing your design attention in the right places.

  1. Optimise for mobile

80% of all Internet users currently use mobile devices to access websites, with approximately 15% of users exclusively using them to browse online. These figures are only set to increase. Optimising your website for mobile users is therefore essential, and the most seamless way to achieve this is via a responsive design that can adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes.

  1. Consistently provide informative, relevant, helpful content

Flooding your website with poorly written content that does not appeal to your target audience is a pointless exercise. High quality, fully SEO optimised content is worth investing in and regularly refreshing old content, to ensure it remains relevant, will secure your website as a destination within your niche and help you to build an audience of loyal individuals who trust your brand. Demonstrating that you are an authority in your area will naturally instil a level of respect.

  1. Maintain transparency and prove your claims

Effectively communicating your brand values and motivations, and following up on your claims with case studies and customer reviews or testimonials, will further demonstrate that your business is both successful and reliable. Cleverly incorporating easily digestible statistics can deftly communicate how your business has helped previous customers and how committed you are about securing equally positive outcomes for future customers. As increasing numbers of Internet users seek reviews before making a purchase, it’s wise to incorporate this feature into your website, to further assure your audience you are trustworthy and transparent.

  1. Shout about your credentials

If you’ve won awards or earned relevant certificates, don’t be afraid to shout about it! Demonstrating you’re dedicated to consistently building your knowledge and skills within your area is something to be celebrated, and it’s important your audience knows this.

The process of developing a trustworthy relationship with your audience begins before you have the opportunity to communicate with them directly. As a result, your website must successfully communicate for you, reassuring your audience that you are trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated to securing positive results.

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